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Corporate Travel Programs and Consultancy

The set-up and implementation of a professional corporate travel program is of utmost importance. Significant savings can be achieved by implementing the right purchasing and procurement processes in your company. By consolidating all your travel volume, you will be successful in obtaining competitive pricing with selected travel suppliers. Management Information and data analysis are the key to manage your program. From a Duty of Care perspective companies hold a responsibility and liability for all their business travelers; they need to know the whereabouts of their employees at all times, so they can guarantee their safety and security. Business travel must be part of the risk management and corporate security programs. A corporate travel policy is the ´backbone´ of each corporate travel program. Your travelers should be familiar with your guidelines related to business travel and expense reimbursements. Compliance to the policy is needed to have a successful program. Close cooperation between offices, affiliates and global partners is required to maximize savings, policy compliance and adherence to security standards.

Event Organization

Do you organize company events, functional meetings or sports events that need a professional approach? Are you looking for an event management talent who you can trust to get the job done in a timely and successful manner? Do you need support with the setup, development or execution of an event?Is there a need for an independent professional who will translate your needs and wishes into a custom-made event program that will support your objectives? SMOOK Project Management has a powerful track record of successfully organized events and meetings. We can take care of the detailed planning and execution of your event, all the way from the start to the end.

Meeting Management

Volumes for both transient and group travel should be bundled to drive discounts across the board, and should be processed and executed through selected suppliers from both a one-stop service model and risk management perspective. How do you identify and manage the spend of meetings and events in your company? Can you align your travel policy with a meeting policy?

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