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Stephanie Smook

SMOOK Project Management is represented by Stephanie Smook, an experienced and motivated professional in the field of Travel, Event and Meeting Management. Stephanie has strong communication and project management skills, is a solid negotiator and is used to operating in a sales-oriented environment. She has in-depth international knowledge and experience, good relationship and networking capabilities and is a natural team player. She is a genuine go-getter.

In her previous career Stephanie worked at the NIKE European Headquarters in the Event Management and Travel Services department. For more than 10 years she successfully managed NIKE’s corporate travel program across Europe, Middle East and Africa (27 countries – € 15 million annual travel spend). She was responsible for strategic planning and budgets, global alignment, business planning, travel procurement and contracting, supplier relationships, team management, operational excellence, communication, technology and innovation. She also worked on the consolidation of all group related business and the implementation of an EMEA-wide Meeting Policy.

Stephanie has over 20 years’ experience in the corporate travel and event industry. She was an active member of ACTE and Cortas, presented at several industry conferences (ACTE, ITM, CTM, Crossroads, Business Travel Show), and was judge of the European Travel Buyer Awards. She is a Dutch national, who lives in Amsterdam but she is flexible on the location of services rendered. She is fluent in English and French, and has a fair knowledge of German and Spanish.

Why the kangaroo?


Stephanie will help you move forward with powerful leaps. Like the kangaroo, she has a strong backbone and is well balanced. She listens carefully and is observant. She is engaged and likes to work with the people around her.

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We believe a product must have a soul to communicate

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