Travel & Event Management

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your reliable partner for

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Corporate travel programs and consultancy

The set-up and implementation of a professional corporate travel program is of utmost importance. A corporate travel policy is the ´backbone´ of each corporate travel program.

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Event organization

SMOOK Project Management has a powerful track record of successfully organized events and meetings. We can take care of the detailed planning and execution of your event, all the way from the start to the end.

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Meeting Management

How do you identify and manage the spend of meetings and events in your company? Can you align your travel policy with a meeting policy?

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our works

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  • The SportWays team loved working with Stephanie, being a warm and deeply loyal collegue,.....the kind of super people that we are looking for at SportWays!!

    Thomas TichelmanDirector/Owner
  • It was a great pleasure to work with Stephanie on the Nike EMEA account. She is a very professional and enthusiatic travel buyer! Thanks for this great time....

    Ingo Burkardt
  • I worked with Stephanie for several years. She was a wonderful teammate and one I sincerely hope to work with again. She was a solid contributor and a joy to be around.

    Ted CullenNike, Corporate Services Director
  • Stephanie is an outstanding professional with enviable skills. Her business sense, team spirit, result orientation combined with outstanding people skills make her a terrific partner to work with. Stephanie is curious and is always keen to develop her own skills and capabilities as well as focus on the development of her team members. I sincerely recommend Stephanie.

    Elizabeth BrouwerNike | Director


Strategic and Business Planning

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Reporting and Analytics

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Contract Management and Savings

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Risk Management and Security

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Compliance and Policies

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Operational Excellence

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Training, Education and Presentations

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Process Improvement and Effiencies

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Communications and Social Media

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Tools & Technology

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Supplier and Relationship Management

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Change Management

Preferred Supplier Programs

Team Management

Group business and meeting management

Global Alignment

Consolidation of Business

“Choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your live”


– Confusius –

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